It’s a fact, everyone loves a shorter commute. With our Biometric Facial Comparison service, clearing customs along our southern land border will now be simpler. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, we want to get you safely and quickly on your way. In making travel safer, we’ve caught 262 imposters to date.

Along our southern land borders, CBP is transforming travel for tens of thousands of pedestrians who frequently cross the border. Biometric Facial Comparison technology makes their travel much faster and far more efficient.

Our Biometric Facial Comparison service is available at these land ports of entry:


Brownsville, TX (Veterans)
Buffalo, NY (Peace Bridge)


Brownsville, TX (B&M)
Brownsville, TX (Gateway)
Brownsville, TX (Veterans)
El Paso, TX (Bota)
El Paso, TX (PDN)
El Paso, TX (Ysleta)
Laredo, TX (Gateway to the Americas)
Laredo, TX (Lincoln Juarez)
Laredo, TX (Progreso)
Nogales, AZ (DeConcini)
Nogales, AZ (Mariposa)
Nogales, AZ (Morley Gate)
San Luis, AZ